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Property & Facilities Management Services

With a spirit of innovation at our core, Ashton Brunswick is proud to provide our clients with a seamless, end-to-end property management service covering commercial, industrial and residential assets.

Our growing team of dedicated international experts are equipped with leading-edge systems to ensure our clients can grow their most important assets and be protected against changes in the global property market.

Our Strategic

Through our strategic alliance with Colliers, we are able to deliver services and systems to our clients that are unmatched by competitors. Our strategic expertise, innovative processes and sustainable practices help to optimise our clients’ asset performance and achieve their long-term property objectives.


Ashton Brunswick continues to grow its global footprint, with experience across a number of countries. We currently have a head office in Port Moresby and in Sydney, where our strategic partner Colliers is situated.


In 2019 Richard appointed a Head of Advisory, a former Chief Operating Officer of a globally listed NASDAQ company and Sydney-based Property professional of over 37 years. Together with a team of Consultants assisting with on the ground system developments and expertise, they deliver company strategy, training and mentoring to the local team, whilst also introducing best practice processes and procedures to everyday operations.

Setting New Standards in Property

Portfolio Management

Ashton Brunswick will carefully manage and monitor your property portfolio to improve overall profitability, with a range of strategic services available.
Through the careful management and monitoring of your property portfolio, we can improve your overall profitability and rental yields, while providing strategic guidance on refinancing and expansion. Our Portfolio Management team have deep local knowledge and will closely monitor your outgoings and ensure the viability of all tenancy arrangements.

Property Management

With one of PNG’s best Portfolio Property Management services across commercial, industrial and residential, we can ensure your maintenance, leasing and administration are fully managed.
Our leading Property Management services will ensure every aspect of your property’s maintenance, leasing, tenancy and administration is fully taken care of by a team of dedicated and highly experienced property experts. This includes:
  • Property, Tenancy and due diligence
  • Collection of rent and payment of outgoings
  • Leasing and deal analysis
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Residential
  • Lease administration
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Occupier Services and Tenant Advisory
  • 24/7 Help Desk

CAPEX Management

Our team has international experience managing Capital Expenditure across a range of property portfolios and large-scale commercial developments.
We have deep experience managing clients’ Capital Expenditure across a range of property portfolios and large-scale commercial developments. Our strategic expertise is backed by leading-edge technology and forecasting tools, to help you with:

● Budgeting & Expenditure
● Asset Registers
● Cash Flow Forecasting
● Project Management

Financial Management

Backed by a strategic alliance with Colliers International, we bring best-in-industry knowledge and technology from across the globe to manage your property portfolio.
Part of our leading end-to-end property services includes comprehensive and timely financial reporting on your property portfolio or single asset. We also have a strategic alliance with Colliers International, a globally-renowned real estate management company. With this alliance, we bring the best-in-industry knowledge and technology from across the globe to our team of experts.

● Regular Reporting
● Detailed Report commentary
● Forecasting & Budgeting
● Outgoings Reconciliation

Lease Management

Ashton Brunswick will carefully manage and monitor your property portfolio to improve overall profitability, with a range of strategic services available.
We can reduce the hassle and save you time by managing the leasing arrangements for your properties or single asset. Our team uses the latest real estate technology to streamline all of your financial and administration needs, including:

● Records Management
● Rent Reviews
● Issuing Tenant invoices
● Rent Collection

Facilities Management

With deep expertise in the PNG market, we are able to operate and adjust quickly to find, improve or maintain facilities according to the needs of our clients.
The ongoing management of commercial and industrial buildings is vital in protecting and maximizing your property investments. Our highly reputable Facilities Management service will assist with strategic operational planning and highlight any performance issues within your portfolio.

● Asset Life Cycle Reporting
● Building Health Checks
● Environmental Reporting
● Preventative Maintenance

Data Analysis

Using the latest cutting-edge technology we are able to identify property or asset opportunities, ensuring our clients maximise investments both locally and internationally.
With the industry’s best software at our fingertips, we can provide real-time data to model the latest trends and deliver you insights to support your strategic decision-making. Our data analysis capability includes:

● Data modelling & trends
● Up-to-the second reporting
● Easy to understand insights

Property Maintenance

With a team of maintenance personnel and a broad network of fully-licensed and reliable contractors, we will ensure the overall maintenance and safety of your property portfolio. Our demonstrated services are second-to-none and help to minimise any long-term risks.
To ensure the essential upkeep of your property portfolio and the satisfaction of current tenants, we offer outstanding Property Maintenance services for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. This includes:

● Electrical
● Plumbing
● Carpentry
● Cleaning
● General Repairs & Maintenance

Why partner with
Ashton Brunswick?

  • Innovative and flexible approach to Asset Investment Management Services
  • Leading-edge technology to seamlessly manage property needs
  • Outstanding strategic expertise with deep knowledge of the local market