As a concerned Corporate citizen in our local community, Ashton Brunswick hosted a survivor of Cervical cancer to share her story during a Pinktober morning tea in October 2020 in support of Cancer awareness for females in Papua New Guinea.  The impact of the story shared by the cancer survivor was not only touching and […]


Ashton Brunswick is a very keen supporter of capacity building in Papua New Guinea and even more so during the Covid -19 pandemic and envisions working with PNG’s local universities this year to run career fair workshops that are channeled towards Property, Facilities, and Industrial Management employees of the future. This would mean featuring alumni Lands […]

Team Building & Savings Culture

Ashton Brunswick supports team building and drives the message of success can only be achieved collectively. To support this statement, a number of team-building workshops have already been held and will continue to be held monthly, to drive TEAM culture.  Ashton Brunswick also encourages employees to set SMART goals for the future both short-term and […]